Bike for Brussels app and OSM data teams’ last day!

Hello everyone! We’re actually two teams working towards one common goal: Bike for Brussels. To ensure that the woes of cyclists in Brussels, who contend with motorists, trams, buses, and annoying traffic light intersections, are eased, imperative for them would be accurate and contextual travel information. This information must be presented nicely enough so people […]

Why is there a need for GTFS-RealTime ?

Hey! I am Tim, and together with Brecht I am working on providing a GTFS and GTFS Realtime feed for the Belgian railways. To find more information about this, you can read our previous blogpost ‘NMBS going Open Data’. The questions we get the most about our project (besides PJ asking for our presentation plans) are: […]

Start the game! KUPON

It’s time! Tomorrow I’m pitching KUPON, a game for distributing coupons. And you are welcome! Located in a cosy apartment in the center of Ghent and surrounded by the positive vibes of “De Gentse feesten” (Probably the biggest city festival in the world). Don’t hesitate to sign up @ ! Remember my first blog? […]

Westtoer: My first #oSoc14 experience

Hello there, meet the smallest team at oSoc14 this year, me! My job is to give the current website of iTrip a complete make-over and make the site responsive. So what is iTrip? iTrip is a web application where a user can plan his/her trip to the Belgian coast. The vacationers staying at the Belgian […]

Day 5: #oSoc13 launches “Open Lunchtime with General Assembly”

by @katborlongan, Co-founder of Five by Five and #oSoc13 Program Director   #oSoc13 is thrilled to announce it’s new partnership with the NY-based educational company, General Assembly (GA)! GA provides entrepreneurs a pragmatic and multi-disciplinary education at the intersection of technology, design, and business. It offers a new model for learning these skills, one that features emerging […]

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