#iSoc12 Labs For VDAB

Hi there, all! Just two weeks ago Miet called me. She —as the first iRail employee— was looking for a project manager for a last-minute project. Lieven Janssen from OKFN Belgium and the ‘we open data’-movement arranged a collaboration with VDAB. For those of you who are not familiar with the VDAB, it is the public employment service of […]

#iSoc12 The end of three kick ass weeks.

Hi there! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. Are you missing our daily posts already? Well, the epic iRail Summer of Code 2012 has come to an end. It were three awesome weeks. We all got the chance to meet interesting and likeminded people, get the hang of new things, speak other […]

#iSoc12 Photographic impressions & some tweets: part 2

The second half of iSoc was just as productive and fun as the first half! I guess great audiences get the best out of me… RT @choisissez: Great advice from @ftack at #iSoc12, awesome! — Filip Tack (@ftack) July 12, 2012 #GF12 RT @iRail: [blog] #iSoc12 Gentse feesten app: it’s not a bug, it’s a […]

#iSoc12 Kot@Gent – from the ashes rises a new app

Hello everyone, I’m Thomas and I’m part of the team responsible for the Kot@Gent application (formerly team Circadia). Together with Michael, we’ve been working quite a lot on this app since I was only able to attend #iSoc12 for the last week (of the total three week period). Because of this, Michael was focusing on […]

#iSoc12 FlatTurtle: final week

Hello, I’ve been working these last three weeks on Flatturtle, together with Nik and Jens. We have three main components: controller for the infoscreen, controlbay and the infoscreen itself (TV). The infoscreen was as good as finished but still contained some bugs that were handled by Jens. The controlbay lays in a secure VPN network […]

#iSoc12 Ontoforce: The final stretch

Hello again! For those who haven’t read my previous blogpost: I’m Jeppe and I’m working on a project for Ontoforce. If you want to know more about what my project is and what Ontoforce is, you can read my previous post. What’s new? A lot of things happened during the past two weeks. I’ve finished […]

#iSoc12, a place where geeks are kings (or queens).

The iRail Summer of code will finish tomorrow and so far François and Laurens have developed a very powerful back-end besides a mobile website for the users who have a smartphone but for whom a mobile app is not (yet) available. The mood around iSoc has been awesome except that my two developers actually kept […]

#iSoc12 Project management: that’s how we roll

Last year, there were only six of us. Now, there are about 20 of us and a lot of other people swing by. So one word is key: organisation! I’m gonna talk to you about how we handle project management, a little thing called the war table and our ticket board. Project management Here’s the […]

#iSoc12 tip&skip, problem officer?

Hello, this is Sjimi! It has been a while since my last blogpost so I knew I had this one coming. Let’s do this! Wednesday, last week, after I had completed a prototype for tip&skip I found an application which does exactly the same as what tip&skip should do. A major setback I thought at […]

#iSoc12 The DataTank: WIP

Hello everyone, I am Jeroen Penninck. Together with Jan Vansteenlandt Iam working on The DataTank. Jan already wrote a blogpost which explains what The DataTank is and what we are working on. As The DataTank is a data publishing platform, there is not a lot we can show in this blogpost. But I can tell […]

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