Bike for Brussels app and OSM data teams’ last day!

Hello everyone! We’re actually two teams working towards one common goal: Bike for Brussels. To ensure that the woes of cyclists in Brussels, who contend with motorists, trams, buses, and annoying traffic light intersections, are eased, imperative for them would be accurate and contextual travel information. This information must be presented nicely enough so people […]

We Finished Version 1 before the MVP?!

Wait, what? We Finished Version 1 before the MVP?! Hello, Hello, Hello! I am Saska and next to my love for really shitty gifs and memes, I absolutely adore visual art and design. So that’s also my role at #oSoc17. I’m the designer for Brussels Mobility 2 (we renamed ourselves RideAway, by the way). Together with […]

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