You are a true Erlich Bachmann. Harry Roberts didn’t come here to talk, he came here to listen to you. Maybe your code is buggy, but your speech syntax is perfect.


You have 5 years of experience in Swift. When somebody mentions full-stack developers, your reaction is: They’re called full-stack because they can tend my cold cases of beer, but when it comes to multilingual dev skills, I am the man/woman you’re going to need.

The Punisher

Yup, you’re the only one not getting punished. You’re used to getting fresh Danish pastries every morning and students buying you beer. What a life. But beware, those who’ve already infringed upon the Code of Conduct are coming to get you. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

Little Miss/Mister Sunshine

We like you because you always look on the bright side of life. And without radiating heat. Which is important during these hard summer times.

The Flash

You work fast, very fast. So fast that you can get this badge multiple times. Or maybe even an infinite amount of times. We need to find more features fast!


You always seems to know what to do before we do. Hey maybe we should invite some community members to our GitHub? Euh, yea sure. Or do an all night hackathon with outsiders to promote the Open Data we use? That uhm, sounds great? And maybe we should make a Native Android app for our client, just for the giggles? OK… Maybe you should go ahead and be awesome. I’m going to just sit in the corner and try to be as productive.

The Dribbbler

Adobe, do you speak it? Because of you BeyoncĂ© wants to change her name to BehancĂ©. You think material design is so 2014 and that “Zero UI” is a bit too minimal for you.

The Apprentice

Learner of skills and magic. You love mastering a new framework or language. In a week. New to Drupal? Now you’re better than a senior developer at any website agency. Linked data new to you? Now you’re contributing to the semantic web like a boss.

Tweet Royalty

Yes, you are the biggest Generation-Y-Influencer of our project. You can write a novel in 140 Characters and still find time to actually work. How do you do that?

Blog minion

Are you ready to master the digital word? Start with writing a blogpost about something that interests you and might interest people who want to know more about #oSoc15. When in doubt, show your local communication manager what you have made. And if you manage to publish a decent one, you may receive thy blog minion badge.

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