Blog Master

The master doesn’t need advice from the communication team. The master gives advice to the communication team. This badge is rewarded to the most dedicated bloggers of open Summer of code.

Tour de code

Did the Tour de France just pass? Didn’t notice, because we mock-up before we bike up.

Badge achievement

This the badge for creating achievements. Or was it the achievement for creating badges? Either way, if you can come up with a good plan for an achievement or badge, we can come up with an appropriate badge for it. It’s a win-win for a badge-badge.

MVS – Most Valuable Student

OK we admit, we don’t pick favourites. But if we have to, we’ll recommend the s**t out of you afterwards. Maybe you should start coaching us during #oSoc16?


Not only granny’s are awesome at Bingo. You can be too if you have the skills to impress your project partners and coaches. But ssssttt, keep your score for yourself or you are disqualified.

Mr. or mrs. Clean

You can be messy sometimes, but at the end of the day your desk is pristine clean.
The trash recycled by 5 different types and your neighbours get ‘Febrezed’ every hour.


15 days of work is 5 days too short of becoming a multimillionaire. Breakweeks are for beginners. Also I’ve added some some milestones and final issues. Oh and I completed to milestones and fixed the issues.
You can thank me later.

Early Bird

When are you not here? Seriously? The janitor even knows you by now on a first name basis and we’re only here for one week. You’re really not a ‘clockpusher’, and we love you for it. My hat of to you dear sir/madam.

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