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Why is there a need for GTFS-RealTime ?

Hey! I am Tim, and together with Brecht I am working on providing a GTFS and GTFS Realtime feed for the Belgian railways. To find more information about this, you can read our previous blogpost ‘NMBS going Open Data’. The questions we get the most about our project (besides PJ asking for our presentation plans) are: […]

Beta version GTFS and GTFS-RealTime NMBS

Great news! A beta version of the timetables of the Belgian railway company NMBS is out now, including a realtime feed. You can download your copy at . The zip-file contains the GTFS-files. The realtime-feed exists out of two files: service_alerts.pb and trip_updates.pb. These are protobuffer-files that developers can use. GTFS The feed […]

GTFS Part 2: Think out of the box

For the GTFS-project we (@timtijssens and @brechtvdv) have to make Open Data from the Belgian railway company NMBS. In this blog post we’ll explain some technical issues we had and how we solved those. For those who don’t know what GTFS is about, you can read our first blog post. Train schedules On which days does […]

The #oSoc15 projects overview

Open Summer of code 2015 is a 3 week programme in 3 different Belgian cities during the summer of 2015. The goal: provide 23 Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services. Below are the project results of the 2015 edition, including links to the […]

NMBS going Open Data

  Hi! Let me first give you a introduction of the members of the #oSoc15 iRail-team. We are: Tim Tijssens Brecht Van de Vyvere We’re both back-end developers and this summer we’ll make Open Data of the Belgian railway company NMBS. Our project exists out of two parts: GTFS and GTFS-RT. In this blogpost I’ll […]

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