A Blazing Start for Prisma

A Blazing Start for Prisma

I’m Thor Galle, student coach and front-end developer at the Prisma team. Prisma.care is a service for care homes and families that connects the stories of the care home residents with the staff. This makes it possible for them to offer a more personalised care.

Like me and some other projects, Prisma is not new to the oSoc game. At last year’s edition we worked on a solution to share stories of the past. This resulted in Prisma TV; an interactive visual story repository that functions as a basis for reminiscence activities in care homes. Prisma TV is available for free right now and is used at several care homes in Brussels.

I liked working on Prisma so much last year that I became an intern afterwards. In the past year, we got to know the care home environment much better by observing life in care homes. We interviewed families of inhabitants and sang along to many Jacques Brel songs!

In this week of exploration and ideation at oSoc18 we took a blazing start to build the next missing piece of the Prisma puzzle. Tuesday, we formulated a ‘How might we’ question to guide our work:

How might we help family members of care home residents to collect stories of their loved ones. 

We constructed user journeys and towers with spaghetti sticks and marshmallows on top in 18 mins. Wait, what? The point of that last one: always start by getting your marshmallow in the air ASAP! Otherwise, you will aim too high and fail miserably.

Life stories of inhabitants can be used to create emphatic solutions at the care home, which will make both the staff and inhabitants of the care homes happier.

Low-key prototyping, high-level interest

Instead of engaging in a hackathon to start the ideation process, we directly polled for user input with paper prototypes on Wednesday. This will avoid having to tear down part of our project in the second week like last year. Everyone has elderly parents or grandparents about whom they care, so everyone was enthusiastic about the Prisma vision.

We also sparked interest! Maggie de Block, the Belgian Minister of Social Affairs and Health listened to our pitch and approved of our efforts to effectively personalise and humanise the care for elderly people.

Maggie de Block listens to the plans of project Prisma.

After a visit of dementia and life-story expert Mikis Dormaels we gained more clarity on what the next steps we should take are. We will continue to re-imagine, test and develop Prisma until we have a lovable result! Stay tuned for more updates, or come and check out our final demo at the 26th of July.

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