Is it FRIS in here or is it just me?

Is it FRIS in here or is it just me?

I’m Nadia El Bakkali, communications manager in both team FRIS and team Snipstory. And I love being the only one posing in random pictures (proof is below).

Open Summer of Code First day

Although the Red Devils made a phenomenal comeback against Japan, my first day at #oSoc18 was definitely the highlight of Monday the 2nd of July. Now before I go any further into this blog post, you need to know this: first days aren’t my thing. I usually sleep too little and stress too much: my head is filled with thousands of questions. Who am I going to meet? What am I going to do? Where do I need to go? Why am I sweating so much?

Fortunately, the first days at #oSoc aren’t that stressful. It’s just a bunch of students getting to know each other, their coaches, their projects and you know, attending a press conference where the Flemish Minister of Finance, Budget and Work makes an appearance. Just the usual. No biggie. Okay, no, I’m lying. It was quite a big deal for me and the rest of the FRIS-team.

FRIS press conference with Philippe Muyters

See, during this edition of #oSoc we will be working on the FRIS-project. FRIS is a research portal run by the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (hence the googly eyes when the Minister appeared at the press conference). It’s kind of a virtual space that collects all data about publicly-funded scientific research in Flanders. That includes information from over 29.000 projects, 75.000 researchers and 300.000 publications. And if that’s not amazing enough, consider this: the name offers a lot of opportunities for hilarious puns in Dutch. So cool (haha).

After meeting with our FRIS-partners on Tuesday, we are slowly but surely figuring out in which direction we’ll be going with the project. But these past two days weren’t only serious business. There was some crest-making, some arguing about colours (I’m sorry, I don’t really like baby blue) and some philosophizing about which coffee machine produces the best coffee: the empty coffee machine or the full coffee machine? Please do share your opinions on Twitter (#oSoc18) so we have something to talk about during our breaks. We’re fun people, I promise.




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