And now, the end is near

And now, the end is near

The last day of oSoc17 has arrived and I believe I speak for everyone when I say those four weeks went by so quickly. This was an incredibly positive experience for me and I will tell you why.


Wait, they trust me?

I’ve heard other people say this as well but in the beginning I was so pumped and scared at the same time. I felt like I got in but not really: the oSoc environment is incredibly trusting and at first I did not really think of myself as competent enough for that amount of trust. For you see, I’m a very mediocre student and after years of hearing “meh good enough”, you’re not exactly thinking highly of yourself. I went into oSoc with no work experience and suddenly I was 1. in charge of general communication and 2. had to help my team create a project as closely related to the vision of our client. A daunting task at first but the oSoc coaches are great at supervising and helping when necessary. The first week was introductory: you got to know everyone, you got to know your project and your client and the first brainstorm sessions started. During the following weeks we gradually, and with a lot of revisions and user testing, got to our final project.


We’re aaaall in this together

Next to using the skills I had picked up at school, I learned a lot about teamwork: how to brainstorm properly, the miracle of stand-ups, proper ways to discuss stuff and especially working together with people from different educational backgrounds.  Being able to create a project with people who definitely look at the project in a different way, was exactly what I wanted from oSoc. I knew a programmer looked at a project in a completely different way than a designer or a copywriter would. Having these different points of view helped me better estimate what was possible in four weeks. Another great thing about oSoc is that asking help from people outside of your project is encouraged. This way the different projects helped each other out!


What’s the last week like?

Ideally, the last week should be spent working on documentation…However, reality usually is far from ideal and you spend the last week coding your project to perfection! On my last full day of oSoc, I had no work on the project anymore (the joy of being a copywriter I guess?), thus I put my skills to good use in another way. First I helped with the documentation of my own team and afterwards I offered my help to the other teams. This way I could also sneak a peek at the other projects because I was kinda curious 😉 . I am not going to reveal much (*cough*cometothedemoday *cough*) but let’s just say I’m happy I get to do the tours so I can snoop around again on Thursday!



Right now, it’s 11 pm, I got home an hour and a half ago because I went to IKEA to get some stuff for the Demo Day. I can’t stress enough how glad I am to have been part of oSoc17 and I love to see how pumped everyone is about their projects and I’m sure that, if you visit the Demo day, you’ll feel the enthusiasm as well!

(Read more about the event here: )

See you there!

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