No children were harmed in this user test

No children were harmed in this user test

After two busy weeks it is time for our first user test. Our project is called Snipstory: an interactive web application where children can discover history through personal stories. Since our target audience is primary school children, finding users during the holidays was a challenge. Luckily our client Sofie found a very enthusiastic group of testers for us in Gits, a small village in rural West Flanders.

So, Thursday morning I met up with my team and we took the train to Lichtervelde. There Sofie and a colleague came to pick us up. Because we only had tests in the afternoon, we went to Sofie’s house. There we had a meeting with Sofie, we showed her the design and explained what we did the past two weeks. We also showed her the wireframe we would use for the test and decided on how the test would be structured (how many groups, how many children, …).


After lunch we got to it. Fun fact: we were all pretty nervous. We didn’t know how these children would react and we were expecting the worst. Ultimately things went great: the kids were excited and understood what the app was about. We had a lot of interesting observations and feedback…and fun.


Exhibit A:


We used post-its to make notes on our wireframe but these kids had other ideas!


Exhibit B:


This… this is not what it looks like. We took some colourful modelling clay with us…But yeah.


Over all this was a very productive user test: we learned a lot and gained useful material to work on our web application. In the following week we’ll be making the web application, I hope everything goes well.

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