First user test – When ideas get torn apart

First user test – When ideas get torn apart

Tuesday morning we had our first code sprint to get a concept app ready by the afternoon for  Frederik’s mother and grandmother to test the Prisma app. After the user test we sat down and processed the feedback they gave us and discussed how we could improve the app.

Code sprint

It was only our second day of programming, so getting a workable concept app ready was a real challenge. This meant that we didn’t have any link to the database yet so all the data was faked by our two front-end developers. In barely 20 hours of work they managed to assemble a presentable app that would give a basic idea of where we were going with the app. However, shortly before the app was going to be tested, we ran into a bit of a problem. Our app stopped working and we had no idea why. Thankfully we managed to get the app back online just in time for it to be tested.

User test

Early in the afternoon our coach’s mother and grandmother came to our office to test the app. They sat together with one of our front-end developers, Thor, to test the app and share their thoughts on what we had so far. While Frederik and Thor were in the conference room with them, Jean and I were looking at a live stream via Skype so we could listen and write down remarks.


Thor opened the app, gave them the smartphone and said nothing about how the app worked. This would give us the best possible feedback. The first screen they saw was an overview page with the albums and specific stories and they immediately started talking about what a great time they had back then. Within seconds of testing we had already achieved what we hoped for, making people reminisce. They said it would be nice to have an overview of important historic events. This was a feature we had in mind but were not able to implement yet, so that was really great to hear.

Although we heard many great things, it wasn’t all rose coloured. For example, after about 20 minutes of testing, they hadn’t noticed the bottom menu yet because it was too small. But there is no such thing as negative feedback, at least this gave us a chance to improve the app before the launch!

Feedback processing

After they had left we sat together and discussed the feedback they gave us. We talked about the things they liked that we shouldn’t change. But mostly we talked about the stuff they didn’t like or didn’t notice and how to fix and improve them.

In the end it was a really productive day since we got a better idea of how the app should be in the end, we look forward to the next user tests and more useful feedback!

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