A Day in the Life of Bert Commeine

A Day in the Life of Bert Commeine

My day started early. I had a train meeting with one of my colleagues about user testing, since testing is an important part of development. She insisted on taking an early train; I hate morning people… So, since I arrived at our office way too early to be productive, I decided to get myself some coffee. Fuelled up, the preparations of our user tests could begin. First of all, I did some research on nature-oriented clubs in Ghent. Who could help us better testing our bird recognition application than a club of bird nerds?


At noon, we ordered McDonalds, testing their new new McDelivery service. When our happy meals arrived, we had a lovely picnic in the Selor indoor garden. Another meeting with our partners was planned this afternoon. So we got ourselves a conference room, installed our pc’s (it would be a Skype meeting) and tried to get as much working as possible. There was just a small thing everybody overlooked: preparing the demonstration/pitch. So, at 2 PM we accepted an incoming call which was followed by (what felt like) the longest, most awkward silence known to mankind. Everybody was just staring at each other, hoping someone would break the silence. I broke it first, unleashing an endless stream of technical words, desperately trying to confuse them. AND IT WORKED, I think. Well, they seemed pretty satisfied with our current progress.


After finishing up our issues for today, the fun part could begin. Dries had been searching for fun ways to do some team building. We came up with “During work drink”, he responded with “After work drink”. So we headed to The Flamingo, a bar near our office. They served a local beer called “Bert”, and I wish I could say it was the best beer I ever got, but it was actually pretty mediocre.

And there I’ll be ending my blog post, since it is the last thing I can remember from that evening.

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