Be up to date on every person in your life!

Be up to date on every person in your life!

What I actually mean with this is we are going to build a social media aggregator. So, we are going to fetch all the data from the persons in your life!

Let me be more clear about that. So, we are building a social media aggregator that fetches data of your choices. For instance, you can add anyone, a company or an institution to the entity. We are going to fetch data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. After adding these social media handles, we will show every post, tweet and YouTube videos on a waterfall display on one web application. Doesn’t it sound crazy?!


You can also get more information about our project from this post which David our new member (backend developer) has written it. I didn’t talk about my self. I am Ismail from the project of DataScouts. I’m the designer and the frontend developer, but I also have the knowledge of the backend. We also have another member Maxime, he is also a frontend developer. I am really satisfied with my teammates! I really worked hard to make a good design, redesigned 3 times. I should say that the design looks very neat at the moment with the help of my 2 coaches Miet and Xavier.

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