Show of Your Skill with Skillid

Show of Your Skill with Skillid

Universities, employment mediation organisations, refugee programs want to recognise or endorse someone’s skills. Today this endorsing is mainly done orally, by phone, or digitally, by closed source solutions in big companies or, for us all, on LinkedIn.

Each of the private solutions carry their own problems. How do I show off an endorsement I got from my boss on our internal platform to someone outside? How do I show that a certain endorsement on LinkedIn is actually very valuable?

Open Badges is a Mozilla specification that tries to solve some of these problems. Organisations can issue a badge. It means they endorse my skill. The badge is kept by me in a backpack (it really is a little file with a lot of meta-data). The backpack allows me to show off the badges I actually want to and hide others. The backpack also offers a way to redirect to the issuer of the badge.

Our project is on creating the badges. Our webapp generates badges based on the Open Badges and the ESCO standard. ESCO is a European standard to be (launch date 27th of July) for naming and translating skills, competences, qualifications and occupancies in 24 languages. We focus on English for the moment. The data in ESCO is built in a hierarchical way. This allows us to visualize certain levels as parts of the badge. That way we create badges that look very consistent with each other. At the same time we allow for organisation specific customization: we take their logo, grab the main colour and apply it to the badge. Furthermore, the logo shows up in our badge in grayscale.

The whole project has a lot of parts, all of which deserve a lot of attention and bring up a lot of questions. How to work with a third party API? How to record a transaction? Do we build a central database, maybe use the blockchain, maybe let all organisations keep their own records? But then, how do we keep an overview of the popularity of the platform? How do you validate a badge (was it really issued by this or that company) when you keep the records decentralized? How do you verify that someone got a badge from someone else?

All of these questions will be answered by this awesome team:


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