We Finished Version 1 before the MVP?!

Wait, what? We Finished Version 1 before the MVP?!

Hello, Hello, Hello! I am Saska and next to my love for really shitty gifs and memes, I absolutely adore visual art and design. So that’s also my role at #oSoc17. I’m the designer for Brussels Mobility 2 (we renamed ourselves RideAway, by the way). Together with Arnaud and Theo, we’re working on a navigation system for cyclists in Brussels.

To put it in a way that’s not too technical so everyone can understand it: we are making it easier for cyclists to cycle around Brussels by offering them a navigation system that will guide them from point A to point B using cycle routes. By using the data provided by Brussels Mobility 1 our team, Rideaway, is building this navigation system.

Brussels has had a cycling network for a looooong time. Their only problem is that because of the digitisation of the world, real maps are not used that much anymore and since navigation systems like Google Maps don’t support these routes, they get lost. There’s not a lot of cyclists using them anymore and since the cycling routes Google Maps offers are, let’s face it, shit, there are less cyclists: this is a thing we want to change.

Brussels wants to increase the number of cyclists by 20% by 2020 (read more), and as one of the ways to do this, they decided to digitise the cycling network (i.e. something Brussels Mobility 1 is working on). When this is done we (RideAway) can provide cyclists around Brussels with a way to cycle on the best routes possible thanks to a pleasing website.

To start this project off, we had a meeting with our client, and after that we started to work on the Minimal Viable Product (i.e.: a system to navigate the user from point A (current location) to point B).

When we had our second client meeting, we realised the MVP had slightly shifted. We thought the most basic functionality had to be navigation, whereas the client wanted the users to be able to browse through the map. Luckily, we realised that, to offer the user navigation, we need the full map anyway, so we just needed a way to show it. This just meant we had the main feature or our ‘version 1’ ready before the MVP was.

Southpark's Stan March saying "But I got it fixed so there won't be a problem anymore"

So to conclude, this week my team and I will be finishing the MVP to show our clients during our meeting on Thursday, and it looks like we will be able to show a little more too! Looks like the problem turned into something amazing!

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