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I’m David, a member of the team DataScouts. I wasn’t chosen through oSoc selection process so I hacked my way into it. So I pleaded my own case with Dries and Pieters, coaches at #oSoc17.

I told them the following:

  1. I recently graduated with a bachelor degree in Software Engineering.
  2. I am highly motivated not to spend all of my time on my couch watching Game of Thrones.
  3. I am eager to use my skills and academic knowledge to design a marvellous application.

Perseverance pays off: I was allowed to join a team and work as a special member!

My team is team Datascouts, meet my other teammates:

Team Datascouts member

Our mission for this edition of open Summer of code is to design a Social Media Aggregator. Searching for the same keyword on multiple social media can be a tedious and repetitious task. We’re trying to fix this: DataScouts gathers tweets, feeds, posts and much more from multiple services and displays this data in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Today (Thursday), we met our client for the second time. We gave him feedback about the progress, the problems we encountered and the path of development we intend to take. Fortunately, the client has an IT background and participated in a previous edition of open Summer of code so the communication with our client went swimmingly.

After the meeting, we initiated the first stage of the application, the visual display. With an operational backend gathering data through the social media API, our concern is the better way to display all data.

May the force be with us for the coming weeks!

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