Hack a Bird a Day to Keep Global Warming Away


Hack a Bird a Day to Keep Global Warming Away


My awesome let’s-hack-birds-day started on Wednesday morning with a morning walk in the city of Ghent. While I was enjoying the morning sunshine touching my face, I couldn’t wait to see my #CODE9000 team again at the Selor offices. Today was going to be very stressful and intensive, since we needed to built everything we wanted to achieve this month in just one day! In our exclusive language that’s called a hackathon! While chatting about our challenge today on the train to Brussels North railway station, we lost some time (again) because of the ‘high-speed train system’ in Belgium.


So when we arrived at the Selor offices, took some coffee and started with building and developing everything we wanted. Maybe I was a little over enthusiastic, but due to intense working hours we could already have a (partly) working demo online by 16 pm! We even took some time to enjoy the sunshine with our team while eating a tasty pizza in a small cosy park next to the working place. Delicious!


It seems like we have known everybody for weeks and have been busy with this project for a long time. However, we just started and this was only the third day of our fantastic adventure so far! So excited to work with all those amazing people and develop a miraculous self-powering, standalone IoT installation that feeds biodiversity data to the Ghent open data portal.


The day ended with a pitch in front of all of our coaches and other teams. It was great to see the complexity of the projects and the enthusiasm of the people in front of the audience! It was very exciting because there was a price attached to the best pitch.

Everyone wanted to win the prize, but we especially were ┬ávery pleased with the winning team. Can you guess it? We won the prize! Thanks to Open Knowledge we can have a healthy lunch for free tomorrow afternoon! The day couldn’t end better after such a productive day!

Thanks to the commitment of the entire team and the amazing words and help of our coaches we could achieve a lot in a very short time. When they gave me the assignment I thought this was impossible. But if you can work with such a team, the impossible becomes possible!

Let’s finish with an awesome the-birds-people-did-hack-today. #CODE9000 out.

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