Train Delays and Tribulations

Train Delays and Tribulations

After weeks of wondering, the project is finally here and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised: this was exactly what I wanted to do. So, short introduction: I am Astrid and I work on the I-Share (working title) and the general communications about #oSoc17. So if you see a post on social media, that’s probably me. If the post has a cheesy title, it’s definitely me.


My second day was really busy! I started my second day of #oSoc17 with a train delay and a coffee. The first day left me tired but eager to work. I’m not a morning person so the train ride to Brussels is actually a godsend: I can kind of wake up on my own terms there. My first task of the day was reviewing the blogposts for Monday. I had until 11 so I had some time but I’m pretty meticulous so I corrected 1,5 blogposts by 11.  During that my teammates prepared some questions for a meeting with our clients. At 11 we had that meeting (with Sofie and Aline) and I wrote a report of what was said. I’m not going to disclose much about that but let’s say we’ve got a direction and some good ideas and I fully believe we will be able to make something worthwhile!


After that we had to take the elevator up to the eight floor for an inspirational lunch talk by Johan Janssens. I have no programming background so I thought I wasn’t going to understand anything. Turned out, some values are universal! He talked about the importance of asking why you’re working on a project, spending your time in a meaningful way and ultimately about the strengths of open source initiatives: being open and transparent results in innovation for humankind as a whole.


After lunch I met up with part of the communication team and finished reviewing the blogposts. I learned how to publish them and how to manage the social media accounts via Buffer. Next I hunted down two innocent programmers to write the blogposts for Wednesday (and I only got lost once in the hallways, hurray!). Having this job has the fun effect that every time I walk into a room with my notepad people go “oh no. Please no. Not me. NOOOOO-”.

…I guess fear can motivate too? Anyhow, there’s a manual and they can always ask me for writing-prompts and help, so it’s not like I’m throwing them in at the deep end. I even got some kudos today for my hunting capabilities, hurray!


When the general communication stuff was over and done with for the day, I went back to my team. Turns out they had a pretty productive brainstorming session and I was just in time for the voting-part! So we reviewed the ideas of session and came up with a plan for the hackathon tomorrow.

After work I went back to Ghent with a couple of teammates and I ended my workday accidentally spoiling a part of Game of Thrones…Whoops (sorry Brysen…).


So in conclusion: I had a busy day but I got through it with Leslie Knope-levels of enthusiasm! On to day 3 of #oSoc17!


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