How to #oSoc17

How to #oSoc17

After my very last minute enrolment for the selections of #oSoc17 this year (being on time was never my greatest skill, see 3), I was so happy I got in this year. Since last year was so much fun (and I learned a lot), I was very eager to be part of a project and develop some new stuff from scratch. Anyway, this is my second edition and I’m more excited than ever.

Myself and two other students got assigned to two projects, which will be a challenge for sure. To be able to get a “WOW YOU GUYS (AND GIRLS!) MADE THIS IN ONLY 4 WEEKS”-reaction I made a little surviving manual.

  1. Go to bed at 11 PM. You will be happy in the morning. Make an exception for the Gentse Feesten. You will have to go to sleep when you get home from #oSoc17, wake up at 11 PM and dance your buts off. See you!
  2. Tell all your friends about your awesome project, maybe they come up with a brilliant suggestion for it, but probably not. But that’s okay, just let them know you are doing an awesome summer job while making new friends and stepping out of your comfort zone.
  3. Time management is key. Try not to be late for meetings. Already been late on a meeting with partners on the second day and experienced this is not the way to go.
  4. Have a decent breakfast. Without it you will not make it through the day and you will become hangry towards lunch. So wake up a little earlier to bake them eggs.

But most importantly, ENJOY YOUR TIME and everything will work out in the end!


IMG_20170705_103037Our fabulous team :)

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