I Judge a Book by Its Cover: My First Day Experience at #oSoc17

I Judge a Book by Its Cover: My First Day Experience at #oSoc17

This morning I woke up with ample energy and enthusiasm. You may wonder “why all this excitement and motivation?”. Because -wait for it- it’s my first day at #oSoc17! My journey from Sint-Truiden to Brussels was filled with surprises: the busses were on strike and my train got delayed for more than 40 minutes. However, all these hurdles couldn’t curb my positive energy and excitement. Instead it made me even more excited. Let me share my first impression of the very first day of #oSoc17.


As a rule of thumb most people think that you can’t judge something on the very first day because there’s little to tell. This could not be further from the truth. From my experience, first days are essential: they give me a proper overview of the whole package. In a nutshell, the first day of #oSoc17 was filled with several introductory presentations and meetings about some practical and technical issues. Next to this we had some activities to get to know each other and our projects. I would say that all these different activities were a success. The meetings and presentations on the projects were truly an eye-opener for me. They made me curious and made me ask myself how I can contribute to the challenges ahead. Because I have a background in transportation and urban planning, I honestly had some worries about the collaboration and communication between people with different backgrounds. But after the first meeting with my teammates, those worries faded away. I see that we already developed a common vocabulary to communicate with each other. This will help us understand each other better and achieve our common goals faster.

Furthermore, I am very grateful that I am involved in three different groups which in a way gives me a better understanding of people from all different walks of life. From my first impression of the #oSoc17, I am quite confident that this summer will be among one of my most memorable experiences. My conclusion at the end of day one: if you commit your time and effort to something, it’s a fact that you will either gain or lose from it. But, looking only at the “cover” of #oSoc17, I dare to say that there won’t be room for losing; I will either gain or learn!

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