Have no fear, #oSoc16 is here!

Spring is in the air, bees are buzzing and open Summer of code is approaching! In order to make our sixth edition a blast, we need you. Given you’re a student who has some skills in front-end, back-end, UX/graphic design, communication or business modelling. Then yes, it is you we’re looking for, as Lionel Richie […]

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The heroes and heroines of #oSoc15

This is an overview of the badge winners of open Summer of code. Just to be clear though, everyone at #oSoc15 is a winner. These badges are granted to our heroes and heroiines for specific achievements during the project period and are either granted by the coaches or by recommendation of other students.

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The #oSoc15 projects overview

Open Summer of code 2015 is a 3 week programme in 3 different Belgian cities during the summer of 2015. The goal: provide 23 Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services. Below are the project results of the 2015 edition, including links to the […]

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NMBS Go Unlimited

Most of us students know the NMBS as our daily commute to school or work. And during the summer festivals as our main transportation for an amazing time. The NMBS was kind enough to sponsor #oSoc15 again this year and we all got our very own Go Unlimited passes. These allow you to travel from […]

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featured image Simon

Inspiration – Dedication – Finalization

Three weeks, three locations, three times the fun. I am Simon, part of team DCAT, and I am going to tell you a bit about my experience at open Summer of code 2015 and the distances we go. During #oSoc15 we move to three different cities: Namur, Ghent and Hasselt. We started off in Namur […]

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featured image Bruce

What happens at oSoc …

One of our graphic designers, Bruce, made an infographic about the typical #oSoc15 student. Pretty accurate!  

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Why is there a need for GTFS-RealTime ?

Hey! I am Tim, and together with Brecht I am working on providing a GTFS and GTFS Realtime feed for the Belgian railways. To find more information about this, you can read our previous blogpost ‘NMBS going Open Data’. The questions we get the most about our project (besides PJ asking for our presentation plans) are: […]

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Featured image blogpost Dieter

open Summer of configuration

Hi, I’m Dieter Beelaert, an #oSoc14 alumni and the third guy in team MMLab (aka team awesome) and I’m a back-end developer, just like Umut. So when I was accepted to #oSoc15 I was so excited to be a part of it again. The moment I got my assignment (see Chris his post), I started looking up […]

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Beta version GTFS and GTFS-RealTime NMBS

Great news! A beta version of the timetables of the Belgian railway company NMBS is out now, including a realtime feed. You can download your copy at . The zip-file contains the GTFS-files. The realtime-feed exists out of two files: service_alerts.pb and trip_updates.pb. These are protobuffer-files that developers can use. GTFS The feed […]

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Corda office

#oSoc15 vs school

Hi there! Stan here. The following blogpost compares this student job at open Summer of code 2015 with school. I’m going to school at Odisee campus Ghent and I’m in the third year of my professional bachelor IT right now. My future plan is to get a master degree industrial engineer in Electronics-IT. If everything goes according to the plan, I […]

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