From outsider to insider

Hi, my name is Eva and I’m an 18 year old Devine student @ Howest. Together with Tjen, Laurens and our coach Sander I’m working on the VIAA project (if you want more information on our project you should check their blog posts here and here). I’m pretty sure I’m the youngest participant in open Summer […]

Contemplations of the #oSoc16 experience

Good old memories… of last week I remember it profoundly. Exiting the train station of Brussels North, the fresh wind wholeheartedly introducing the monster high fancy buildings. Clean and open space led to the various entrances of the monumental glass castle towers, one of which expected me among the 23 other students. Fear and uncertainty awaiting […]

Life at #oSoc16: mijnVIAA, the first week

Life at #oSoc16: mijnVIAA, the first week Introduction Monday It all started Monday morning when we met up at Selor‘s offices in Brussels. Here we started the day with introductions: #oSoc16 fellow students and team members our coaches lunchtalk about git and github …   And we should not forget what may become the most important thing to remember for upcoming […]

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