It’s all about the feedback

Besides having a really good time meeting lots of people who are overwhelmingly talented, I try to drive the process of user research together with the designer-squad Bruce, Niels and Hanna. But I also try to catch a glimpse of the code (aka back-end boys Thibault, Angrymoustache and Jasper + front-end Batteman and Huseyin) although […]

A veteran’s view on his third #oSoc

A quick intro Hey there! I’m Niels Dewelde, a veteran in terms of open Summer of code, because this is my third edition participating. I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and am a master student Interaction Design. This year I am part of the Cultuurconnect team as an UX designer. I will be writing […]

Two years as part of #oSoc’s wolfpack

Hi, my name is Christophe, but people tend to call me Batteman (not to my dislike), and I’m working with team CultuurConnect along with Sander and Hanna (which you’ve already read about), and a whole bunch of people you’ll get to meet in the coming weeks. You might remember me from last year posts (1 […]

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