A veteran’s view on his third #oSoc

A quick intro Hey there! I’m Niels Dewelde, a veteran in terms of open Summer of code, because this is my third edition participating. I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and am a master student Interaction Design. This year I am part of the Cultuurconnect team as an UX designer. I will be writing […]

Contemplations of the #oSoc16 experience

Good old memories… of last week I remember it profoundly. Exiting the train station of Brussels North, the fresh wind wholeheartedly introducing the monster high fancy buildings. Clean and open space led to the various entrances of the monumental glass castle towers, one of which expected me among the 23 other students. Fear and uncertainty awaiting […]

Two years as part of #oSoc’s wolfpack

Hi, my name is Christophe, but people tend to call me Batteman (not to my dislike), and I’m working with team CultuurConnect along with Sander and Hanna (which you’ve already read about), and a whole bunch of people you’ll get to meet in the coming weeks. You might remember me from last year posts (1 […]

#oSoc16: Open Summer of Emotional Rollercoasters

Hi, I’m Arne, and I work as a project and communication manager for Spitsgids. (I’ve cemented this sentence into my mind for whenever someone tries to finger-gun me in the hallway thinking I’m unprepared). At Spitsgids, we are going to predict how crowded your train will be, so you can leave earlier or later to […]

Figuring out what needs to be done

A large part of every project is getting started, and that’s the position we’re currently in with team Moby Link (or mobylink, moby link, Mobylink, whatever you want for now), a project from Data Science Lab, and we got a quite vague subject to work with: Show the advantage of linked open data This started with […]

An hourly view of #oSoc16

Because my writing skills aren’t the best they can be, I decided to make an hourly photo blog for you guys to enjoy! I got the idea from hourly comic day on Tumblr. Presenting : a day in the life of #oSoc16. 07:00 am – breakfast 08:00 am – get your train on 09:00 am […]

Life at #oSoc16: mijnVIAA, the first week

Life at #oSoc16: mijnVIAA, the first week Introduction Monday It all started Monday morning when we met up at Selor‘s offices in Brussels. Here we started the day with introductions: #oSoc16 fellow students and team members our coaches lunchtalk about git and github …   And we should not forget what may become the most important thing to remember for upcoming […]

I will now ramble on about my #oSoc16 experience

TL;DR: Happy times. Hi, my name is Sander, but my friends call me Sander. All jokes aside, I am here to write about my experience of my first day at open Summer of code 2016! Not a superoriginal topic, but hey, I had to come up with something right?   My first day So, about […]

#oSoc16: Bigger, better, Brussels.

With less than one month ’til open Summer of code 2016, we thought it was about time to give you a small update! If you’re a TL;DR type of person: #oSoc16 is simply going to be awesome. Pinky swear. 1. Biggest edition ever Yup, you read that correctly. This edition of open Summer of code […]

Six things you should know before entering #oSoc16

Comms girl reporting for blog duty Hi, my name is Dorien and last year I was a communication manager at #oSoc15. It was quite an experience! I’ve listed a few things you should know before you enter the magic land of #oSoc. Or at least, this is what I found out when I participated in […]

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