#oSoc15 vs school

Hi there! Stan here. The following blogpost compares this student job at open Summer of code 2015 with school. I’m going to school at Odisee campus Ghent and I’m in the third year of my professional bachelor IT right now. My future plan is to get a master degree industrial engineer in Electronics-IT. If everything goes according to the plan, I […]

One, two, three action (plan)!

Writing a business action plan is something you don’t do that often. You’re probably wondering: “Why on earth would I want to write a business action plan?”

Libraries vs raw javascript

Hello everyone, My name is Sébastien Henau and I am a front-end developer for the DCAT-project during open Summer of code 2015. Currently I am still in school, following ‘Devine – digital design and development’. For the DCAT-project I had to use libraries, which I was told at school were pre-written code that you can […]

GTFS Part 2: Think out of the box

For the GTFS-project we (@timtijssens and @brechtvdv) have to make Open Data from the Belgian railway company NMBS. In this blog post we’ll explain some technical issues we had and how we solved those. For those who don’t know what GTFS is about, you can read our first blog post. Train schedules On which days does […]

#oSoc15 Week 2 – Escape from Ghent-anamo Bay

(That’s a Harold & Kumar pun for you, folks!) Remember me? I’m Christophe Leroy, from team MMLab. Last week, I shared my experience of having to work with almost-exclusively Flemish peeps (a subject which Sylvain also covered here). What I didn’t think of was that it was gonna be a lot tougher once in a Flemish city, outside […]

open Summer of code as a non-coder

Hi, I’m Miguel. I’m working at open Summer of code, but I actually don’t know anything about code. I studied New Media & Society and now I’m at #oSoc15 for the communication, business modeling and innovation research. Who the hell is JSON? Most developers at #oSoc15 think that’s weird. They talk code 24/7 and they […]

First release of the DCAT validator!

Hey everyone, Sébastien and Stan writing here! We have been working together on the DCAT validator. Today we had our first version released! Users can now check whether their DCAT feed is valid. If it isn’t, their feed validation returns errors or warnings. The rest of our team, who are working on the other subprojects […]

Strangers and a foreign language

Hello everybody ! Let me introduce myself, my name is Sylvain Delbauve, I work in the DCAT-INBO team as a JAVA developer (ergo, back-ender). I’m one of the three French-speaking students at #oSoc15. When I applied for #oSoc15, I was really scared. Just thinking about working with strangers on a new and difficult project while using […]

What we do at team Communication

Hi guys! This is my first blog post. My name is Dorien, you might already have heard of me as communicatiemeisje, coffee coucque girl or ice cream princess. I would prefer communication superhero, but Dorien will do as well. Coding? Communication! To be honest I don’t know anything about coding, so my head nearly exploded […]

Leiedal project: the beginning of the end

Flanders is getting ready to face an earth shifting change in energy labels. A small step towards a great difference for the environment and for your wallet. Where did it all start? At Leiedal! When did it start? At #oSoc15! Suit up! After the first days of getting to know the team members and the project […]

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