A veteran’s view on his third #oSoc

A quick intro Hey there! I’m Niels Dewelde, a veteran in terms of open Summer of code, because this is my third edition participating. I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and am a master student Interaction Design. This year I am part of the Cultuurconnect team as an UX designer. I will be writing […]

This was open Summer of code 2014

In order to get a clear overview of the project we created this blogpost to redirect you to all the stories, blogposts and pictures about open Summer of code 2014. Have a look around. And if you’re already excited for #oSoc15 or have some questions about #oSoc14, feel free to email me. The projects of […]

A day at open Summer of code 2014

A lot of students asked me before open Summer of code started: What do we have to do at #oSoc14 or what’s it like? This inspired me to make a photoblog of day 3 during #oSoc14. This photoblog is part of the first week, which means it was all about building a framework, designing UX/UI […]

The #oSoc14 projects

This blogpost is an overview of the eight different #oSoc14 projects. Watch the presentations, click on the posters below or scan the QR-codes. Or just read and use the code if you are a developer. Interested in more about #oSoc14? Head over to the ‘This was open Summer of code’ blogpost for online impressions, photo’s […]

Android: the Beauty that became the Beast

Since it’s my first time writing a blog for #oSoc14, let me first introduce myself: my name is Maarten and I’m one of the three Android developers working on the ComProNet project. More information about what this project is about can be found here, but I’m not here to talk about that. What I’m here […]

Start the game! KUPON

It’s time! Tomorrow I’m pitching KUPON, a game for distributing coupons. And you are welcome! Located in a cosy apartment in the center of Ghent and surrounded by the positive vibes of “De Gentse feesten” (Probably the biggest city festival in the world). Don’t hesitate to sign up @ ! Remember my first blog? […]

A look back on EduCal and oSoc14

Hello again! Nick from team Code9000 here. Today, I’d like to talk about EduCal and how it has shaped from an ambitious concept to a full grown platform in just three small weeks. There has been a lot of exciting stuff going on since my last blogpost and I figured I’d like to share some […]

Invitation for the final event of #oSoc14

Are you interested in getting to know the students behind this year’s projects? It’s possible! The end-event is finished but all the projects, blogposts, stories and online impressions are online. Head over to the ‘This was open Summer of code’ blogpost to watch the outcomes of #oSoc14. Press release: (in Dutch) 19 studenten creëren duurzame […]

Last week of #oSoc14

I woke up this morning realising that the final week of #oSoc14 was almost over. This means that we have to finish up on the coding and start working on presenting and promoting the final product. It also means that two weeks of #oSoc14 have passed and that the great experience has almost come to […]

Choo, choo! My iRail experience

How did I get here? #oSoc14 is an amazing opportunity to meet leaders in the field, tackle new challenges, develop new skills and work with fantastic people in amazing locations. For this reason I really wanted to participate in this amazing concept. Two months ago I submitted my resume and got accepted. But due to […]

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