The start of #oSoc14

Spring is upon us in Belgium and that means open Summer of code is just around the corner. Same concept, different approach #oSoc14 is again a three week project where we ask students to apply for the best and most open studentjob of the year. And this year will be no different. We’ll have 6 projects […]


Open Summer of Code’s intensive program takes 20 to 30 students under its wing in the Belgian cities of Kortrijk, Antwerp and Ghent during the summer of 2014. The goal: Provide them the training, network and support necessary to transform 6 open innovation projects into powerful real-world services in one month. From building open data […]

The end is near

Oh no, it’s already almost over. Here’s a quick glimpse into our last two weeks with the #oSoc13 team. [View the story “Our last few weeks at Open Summer of Code 2013 ” on Storify]

#oSoc13 at the open tourism Data Dive

Kudos to Toerisme Vlaanderen, OKFN, DOK and Ghent for putting together an #opentoerisme Data Dive. Working on an open data tourism screen here at #oSoc13, I decided to check the event out. The purpose of this event was to bring data-owners, developers and designers together in one place for a brainstorming session. There were some interesting talks, including one from @pietercolpaert about how he […]

Gentse Feesten 2013 Application

During the hackathon from last week there was a team working on the Gentse Feesten app. In the morning they thought about which feature they could implement into the app. They made wireframes and used the open source code which is available on GitHub. By using the open data which is free to use at Open […]

Open Lunchtime with GA

The first Open Lunchtime with GA series in partnership with General Assembly and the City of Ghent has just finished. This first selected course was an introduction to agile development using the scrum framework. While watching the online class we could enjoy delicious free sandwiches alongside team members and like-minded individuals from all over Ghent. During the lunch we could communicate […]

Day 2: 5 lessons learned (the hard way) from today’s 6-hour hackathon

by Kat Borlongan, Co-founder of Five by Five and #oSoc13 Program Director On Day 2 of #oSoc13, we held a hackathon:   a crash-course in time management, an opportunity for newly formed teams to test their work dynamic and a hard glimpse into the 3 weeks ahead. Our fellows went full-throttle developing micro-projects that, 6 hours later, many […]

The code of conduct

Hi all, All students have to adhere to the Code of Conduct. You can download it over here: [oSoc13] Code of conduct.pdf Kind regards, Pieter

A brand new website

Edition 2013 calls for a brand new website. We have adopted the OKFN standard theme and have extended it a bit to our needs. With the launch of the new website comes a new logo:   Happy browsing! Pieter

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