An #oSoc project: From baby to adult.

Hi there, I’m Stan. A 22-year-old freshly graduated full-stack developer. But right here, at #oSoc16, I am the back-end developer (for the second year) of the Spitsgids team. A project that tries to predict how busy your train will be. That’s what I want to talk about in my blog post. Not about Spitsgids itself, […]

#oSoc15 vs school

Hi there! Stan here. The following blogpost compares this student job at open Summer of code 2015 with school. I’m going to school at Odisee campus Ghent and I’m in the third year of my professional bachelor IT right now. My future plan is to get a master degree industrial engineer in Electronics-IT. If everything goes according to the plan, I […]

Introduction of Team DCAT

Hi there! We are the DCAT-team. You can also refer to us as the S-team. Why? Well, from left to right we have Sébastien, Sylvain, Stan, Samir and Simon. Our assignment exists out of three projects. Creating a DCAT feed for IPT, a Drupal module and a DCAT validator. Before we go into details let […]

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