A final coding day tale

Hello there all of you readers, Jasper reporting for blogpost writing duty. You probably know quite a bit about open Summer of code right now, but have you ever heard about the horror of the final coding day? Actually it is not that bad at all, it’s just some students racing to get the job done […]

Last week of #oSoc14

I woke up this morning realising that the final week of #oSoc14 was almost over. This means that we have to finish up on the coding and start working on presenting and promoting the final product. It also means that two weeks of #oSoc14 have passed and that the great experience has almost come to […]

KUPONs of the future

We have finished our first week of #oSoc14, which means that we only have one week left to wrap up the coding of our application. Since we are halfway through our coding period we thought it was time to give an update on the situation of the Mobile Vikings Team. You already got a first […]

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