#iSoc12 Photographic impressions & some tweets: part 2

The second half of iSoc was just as productive and fun as the first half! I guess great audiences get the best out of me… RT @choisissez: Great advice from @ftack at #iSoc12, awesome! — Filip Tack (@ftack) July 12, 2012 #GF12 RT @iRail: [blog] #iSoc12 Gentse feesten app: it’s not a bug, it’s a […]

#iSoc12 Project management: that’s how we roll

Last year, there were only six of us. Now, there are about 20 of us and a lot of other people swing by. So one word is key: organisation! I’m gonna talk to you about how we handle project management, a little thing called the war table and our ticket board. Project management Here’s the […]

#iSoc12 Photographic impressions & some tweets

At iSoc, we work hard, but we also have fun. You can see both in these pictures and tweets. #iSoc12 : Defintely an #iRail event !… — Stephane Roelandt (@stefroelandt) July 2, 2012 Ten more minutes and the #iSoc12 #hackathon is over… Whooaaaa STRESS voor iedereen 😀 — Miet Claes (@Choisissez) July 3, 2012 […]

#iSoc12 The hackathon

On the second day of iSoc, we held a hackathon. All of the steps the teams will be going through in three weeks — all in one day! Why not? Since the data of the Gentse Feesten have recently become available, the iSoc students were teamed up into four teams to write an app for […]

#iSoc12 The kick-off

Finally, it is July and the iRail Summer of code has officially begun! On Monday, we welcomed all the iSoc participants and everyone introduced themselves. Pieter gave a talk about iRail in general and a short history of the iRail npo, all the projects we will be working on were presented: Mobile Vikings FlatTurtle […]

iSoc update: the last week

The iRail Summer of code has come to an end, and we tried to do as much as possible in the time we had left. Jan and Pieter improved the funcionality in the web interface of The DataTank. On Tuesday they led the workshop about The DataTank, which turned out to be very interesting. After […]

iSoc update: the third week

Time is going fast, and the third Summer of code week has passed before we knew it! The Gentse Feesten app is still up and running, and we hope it’s helping people find their way in Ghent this week. Ruben has in the meantime implemented the design for the FlatTurtle info screen wizard, and is […]

iSoc update: the second week

The second week of the iRail Summer of code was just as eventful as the first one. Here’s a rundown of our activities this second week. Jan and Pieter have now finished the basis of The DataTank and are further developing it. This first version of The DataTank enabled us to get the Gentse Feesten […]

Announcing the Gentse Feesten app

Since Friday July 15th, the city of Ghent is providing open data of the Gentse Feesten events. To celebrate this, the iSoc students decided to code an HTML5 application for smartphones. With this app, you can look up easily what events are going on or starting soon, close to where you are. Because the Gentse […]

iSoc workshops

As we announced at the beginning of the Summer of code, we will be organising workshops soon, for which you can subscribe by sending an email to Greet. These workshops offer the opportunity to take a look at what the iSoc students have been doing behind the scenes, and to pick up some useful skills […]

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