Walking in the forest of knowledge

Walking in a forest of knowledge


My name is Pieter-Jan Geeroms, member of #TeamMobylink (front-end / back-end developer) and first time oSoccer. Together with Haroen Viaene and Lisa Debontridder we’re promoting linked data. I’m pretty sure by now everyone knows what linked data is. Don’t worry if you don’t! You can always check out the awesome project we’re working on.

Linked Datax Project







The past weeks were amazing and filled with knowledge. The amount of things you learn at #oSoc16 is just amazing. Getting feedback from coaches with different backgrounds, and learning a lot from them gave me the feeling of taking a walk in a forest at times, learning things while walking through this adventure. (No I’m not on crack at the moment). Pretty much why i chose this title of the post as well.

I sure had lots of fun too during #oSoc16, the occasional Pokémon Go talks, the occasional bad talking Pokémon Go by Pieter ™. Joking around with the team. Meeting so many new people with different education and so on!

I’m glad I got to join #oSoc16 and that I had Pieter Colpaert as coach to learn us a bit about linked data but most of all to make us aware of linked data and the bad ecosystem that exists for publishing data.

Think I did enough promoting of our project now!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day, to talk to the people behind this project directly, ping @haroenv@PJGeeromsLisa Debontridder or our monitor, @pietercolpaert on Twitter.


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