A final coding day tale

Hello there all of you readers, Jasper reporting for blogpost writing duty. You probably know quite a bit about open Summer of code right now, but have you ever heard about the horror of the final coding day? Actually it is not that bad at all, it’s just some students racing to get the job done on time. And for team Cultuurconnect that meant combining the back-end API with the front-end HTML pages and putting it all out on the web. The result of all that is that we now have 4 sites being hosted on 1 single Digital Ocean droplet. Let’s have a look on how it was done.

A little trip down memory lane

Two weeks ago was the second week of open Summer of code, in which we had already done some really good stuff on the back-end. For developers like me that means we made the client/partner happy. It was a fine week without “rule of pi” problems, or at least that was until we decided to deploy the back-end online. Since nobody had any experience on deploying laravel sites, we had to look at some walkthroughs. Most of them included install this and that using some command, configure NGINX, clone the GitHub repository and change some permissions. I will not bother you with the technical explanation of this all, but let’s just say that it is really really important to have the right permissions on the right folders. Oh and also to not forget to create folders that are needed and non-existing at first. Half an #oSoc day later we had an online API on which the front-end could start testing. We ended the second week with a happy feeling.

Standup meeting of little doom?

The time was finally there, the final coding day. Just like every other day we started it with a little stand up meeting in which everyone told what they had done the past day and what still had to be done. Front-end did okay, back-end doing pretty well, but then came that dreadful question none of us wanted to hear: “How far are we in bringing front- and back-end together?”. Just imagine that question being asked with a deep slowmo voice. Well, since procrastinating was not done on the last coding day, we had no other choice than to start working on that.

daily meeting

And so it was done

Since we had a partner meeting that afternoon, it was pretty important to get some front-end online first. So I started adding a new site to the NGINX configuration of the droplet and cloning the Git repository. That was the easy part. Since the front-end was busy getting things ready and I didn’t have much experience with Gulp and scss files, Google was my aid in all of this. And so after looking things up, it seemed that all I had to do was download gulp, run some commands and done was the job. Luckily for me it was as easy as that.

Two down, two to go.

250H (1)

First one up was the back-end part of the second application, which was also Laravel 5 with PHP 7, easy peasy since we already did the same thing a week earlier. Again the same problems with file permissions, but that was an easy fix. Second site was a static html page without any complications with gulp, scss or other unknown front-end stuff for me.

And so we conclude our stressy morning on the lovely final coding day of doom.

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