#oSoc16: A great opportunity to learn!


Heyy there, I’m Nicolas, a student from Odisee Ghent. I got my bachelor in Electronics-ICT (option ICT) this year and this blogpost is about my experiences at #oSoc16 so far.



For the past three weeks, I have been working on the Revit project as front end developer for Selor with my teammate Benjamin. Selor is a recruitment agency for the federal government. The goal of Revit is to facilate the evaluation of candidates during screenings based on specific sets of competences. Currently the jury evaluating candidates fill out forms on paper. Successfully developing our application would mean saving a lot of time and avoiding a lot of waste. And as we all obviously know: save paper, save trees, save the world!

Technical Aspects

The front end of the application is being developed in AngularJS, a JavaScript framework used to develop web applications. Easy integration of Revit into Selor’s system was necessary. Using Angular modules would definitely make that possible without much issues. The backend of the application on the other hand is being done using ASP.Net Web API by Benjamin. The API will be RESTful, making sure it is easy to use, and extensible. Considering Revit is an open source project, we are also making sure the components used will be easy to modify and integrate into other systems. Which means not only Selor will be able to benefit of the Revit application but other organizations as well!

Figure 1: Revit’s ridiculously awesome looking and user-friendly evaluation page!

Work Environment

What I’ve appreciated the most so far is the opportunity to learn so much! We briefly covered AngularJS at school but it was definitely not enough for Revit’s requirements. But it was not a problem at all, I was given enough time to go through a couple of Angular courses to be able to deliver. And on top of it, help from coaches and other students at #oSoc16 was just invaluable! Feedback could be asked about pretty much anything, due to the wide variety of profiles present. And to top it off, it has really been a pleasant environment to work in, people here are definitely passionate about what they are doing and we have quite a few Pokemon Go addicts ( though I have to admit I’m starting to be one too ) which is just awesome. The work locations are just great as well, a big Thank You to Selor and Proximus for having us!

The End

We had a meeting with the guys at Selor today and they were already pleased¬†with what we have achieved so far. There are only a few days left before the soft launch, so I’ll be getting back to work to make sure we deliver.


Thanks a lot for reading, here is an open source potato ( feel free to use ).


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