Brace yourselves the end of oSoc16 is coming!

Hi My name is Miguel, I don’t have a cool nickname or alter ego so I just keep it with Miguel. I work as back-end developer in the LD-Works team with Umut and Sander. Sander is our coach and leads this three-headed monster to greatness.

Although I think the experience and the soft-skills you learn at #oSoc are at least as important as the technical skills, this blog post will generally be about my project **yawn**. For other (unrelated) questions you can contact me on twitter.

The conversion

The initial scope of this project for our client Fedict was the conversion of standalone files to linked data files. I’ll give an example of the benefit of this conversion even I know as a reader you are already aroused by the words conversion, standalone and linked data.

Can you recall a situation when you were browsing through the internet and read some papers that refer to books which could be interesting for your search? After reading this paper you’ll need to search for the books that were referred to and then you get new  references from the books and that goes on until you bored and quit. With linked data this problem can be solved. Yay!

The paper at the beginning and the content of the referred book (or even a specific referred line in the book) can be linked together and as a result there is more time for important stuff like drinking beer with friends #WINNING.


Because of the greatness of the three-headed monster the initial scope was ready after two weeks. So we sat together with the team and proposed as the next step the visualization of linked data to our client Fedict. They were really thrilled with the idea, so as we speak we are working on it. Standalone, conversion and linked data wild as they are, they are not just words but they can change the world to a better place! Amen to that. Miguel out!


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