An hourly view of #oSoc16

Because my writing skills aren’t the best they can be, I decided to make an hourly photo blog for you guys to enjoy! I got the idea from hourly comic day on Tumblr.

Presenting : a day in the life of #oSoc16.

07:00 am – breakfast


08:00 am – get your train on


09:00 am – arriving at the Selor office, our home for 2 weeks, and getting briefed for the day.

The office briefing

10:00 am – working hard


No no, seriously. Working hard.

working hard

11:00 am – already a little hungry, my creative cloud needed to update.


12:00 – time to go grab lunch, everyone’s hungry!

20160711_121008 hungry

Om nom nom.


13:00 pm – Back to work!

20160711_131804 back to work

13:30 pm – shout out about how to use Twitter and why.

shoutout shoutout

14:00 pm – everyone’s brainstorming. Go Teamwork!!!

communicate 20160711_141233 20160711_141241

15:00 pm – feedback time!

feedback 20160711_151511


16:00 pm – keep working guys, going great!

moar work

17:00 pm – time to go home! Bye Selor, another day of learning and working. Looking forward to tomorrow. :-)


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