Life at #oSoc16: mijnVIAA, the first week

Life at #oSoc16: mijnVIAA, the first week

Introduction Monday

It all started Monday morning when we met up at Selor‘s offices in Brussels. Here we started the day with introductions:

  • #oSoc16
  • fellow students and team members
  • our coaches
  • lunchtalk about git and github

Teams meeting each other for the first time


And we should not forget what may become the most important thing to remember for upcoming weeks:

Don't leave your laptop unlocked while unattended

Or pay with ‘coffee couques’…


After all introductions, we were getting anxious to get started. So in our team, we worked to better understand the problem we were going to solve in the coming weeks.



Clarity Tuesday

Today we got to meet with the client. Brecht Van de Vyvere of VIAA came over to our workplace to explain the project and answer all our questions.

A whiteboard with drawings of the software architecture

We had a lot of them, and kept coming up with more. Which caused the post-its on our wall to grow like crazy.

A picture of the wall filled with post-its

But at the end of the day we had some wireframes ready and a clear idea of what to do tomorrow in the hackathon.

A wireframe of the services pageA picture of a wireframe



Hacking Wednesday

After the day-long of coding during the hackathon we finished a mockup of the site.

Mockup of the Mijn VIAA siteviaa-mockup-details


And then we had to start working towards tomorrow’s pitch where we need to present our project to everyone…

We practiced… like a lot. We started pitching next to our post-it wall, got some feedback and adapted our story. Then we drew some slides on a whiteboard and practiced pitching with that.

A whiteboard with slides drawn on them

We got some feedback and changed some things. Finally we started making our actual slides.

A screenshot of presentation slides


Pitching Thursday


The next morning we practiced some more with the actual slides, and then it was time to do the actual pitch. The crowd was all other teams, coaches and clients from other projects. We were a bit feverish at first, but all went really well.

We came, we pitched, and we conquered…
…wouldn’t that have been nice.

The other teams did great as well! Because the competition was so strong, we did not get the winning price: A one-use coffee-couques-immunity-coin which was 3D printed by one of our coaches.


After all the pitching was done, we sat together with VIAA again to dive into some more technical stuff.

whiteboard filled with schematics of software architecture

And we also made a planning for the upcoming weeks. Yay!

A whiteboard with the schedule of team Mijn VIAA

And with that, we ended a great first week!


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