I will now ramble on about my #oSoc16 experience

TL;DR: Happy times.

Hi, my name is Sander, but my friends call me Sander. All jokes aside, I am here to write about my experience of my first day at open Summer of code 2016! Not a superoriginal topic, but hey, I had to come up with something right?


My first day

So, about my experience, when I first stepped into the building I was greeted by a man in yellow, he told me to follow him to the 8th floor, where everybody else was. At first, I was skeptical, maybe he was an imposter trying to trick me (it wouldn’t be the first time) but to my utter suprise everything he said was true.


After I was done going ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ at the scenery, I sat down at one of the chairs next to a man in blue (I’m terrible with names) and we exchanged names. We talked for a bit about terrible internet connections and then another man with a batman t-shirt stepped up and started talking.
Of course, seeing that I am a Superman fan, I didn’t pay any attention to what he said and I just wandered around until I found my group, Cultuurconnect! We talked for a bit and headed down to our offices on the first floor. So what the point of the 8th floor was is beyond my mortal reasoning and comprehension.

#oSoc16 introduction


We then got a small tour on the first floor, got to know each other with some silly games and we went to the cafetaria for lunch.
Sadly, I knew nobody there, so I just sat there alone until some other loners joined me at the table. We talked about about the normal stuff, aka. school, work, trains, Cthulhu, parties etc. and we were interrupted by a man (I forgot his shirt color, but it was most probably blue) who gave us a brief introduction for Git and Sourcetree.


The rest of the day we talked about our projects. First we split up in small groups, I was teamed up with Christophe Leroy and Hanna Walgrave, and after a brief introduction we started working. We did some brainstorming to come up with a name for our project and then we came up with a crest that we will use for our group and we made something very cool and promising (if I do say so myself)! At 17 o’ clock I left the building and wondered just what the hell happened. So all in all, a very interesting, fun day and I look forward to the next 120 hours of #oSoc16!


So that concludes my first experience with #oSoc16!
And because you were nice enough to read everything, here is a picture of my brain on #oSoc16:


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