#oSoc16: Bigger, better, Brussels.

With less than one month ’til open Summer of code 2016, we thought it was about time to give you a small update! If you’re a TL;DR type of person: #oSoc16 is simply going to be awesome. Pinky swear.

1. Biggest edition ever

Yup, you read that correctly. This edition of open Summer of code will employ the most students ever! How many, you ask? Well, no less than 24 students will participate in #oSoc. Exactly 3 out of 4 students are front- or back-enders. Code away, little minions! The other students have very diverse roles, such as graphic designers, communication managers or UX experts. All that makes a great mix of different skills.

2. And it lasts longer too!

This year, open Summer of code last four weeks. That way, the students have more time to work on their projects. Even though open Summer is the first ‘real work’ experience for many of our students, we aim to deliver high quality. Experienced coaches and more time will allow our students to do so.

Group of coders

3. Girl power

Ah coding, it might be a man’s world but it would be nothing without some ambitious girls, right? We strive to maintain a healthy guy-girl balance. Not easy, since there are simply less girls who code. This edition, we’re happy to welcome five girls in our midst. That means one of out five #oSoc’ers is a girl. Most we ever had, whoa!

4. Bruxelles, ma belle

By coincidence, we stumbled upone two great locations who happen to be both in Brussels. So we decided to host open Summer of code entirely in Brussels this year! For the first two weeks, we’ll be staying at Selor. Last two weeks, Proximus was kind enough to be our host. Both are great locations, from which we believe they’ll spark some creativity among our students!

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