Six things you should know before entering #oSoc16

Comms girl reporting for blog duty

Hi, my name is Dorien and last year I was a communication manager at #oSoc15. It was quite an experience! I’ve listed a few things you should know before you enter the magic land of #oSoc. Or at least, this is what I found out when I participated in #oSoc15.

1. When they say “3 different locations”, they actually mean “you will be commuting. A lot.”

Trainrides! Lots of trainrides. Early trainrides. And late trainrides. Beautiful trainrides! But mostly fun trainrides. And all that thanks to our Go Unlimited passes provided by NMBS, thanks guys.
Foto 16-08-15 10 56 43

2. Trains are the perfect place to catch up on lost sleep

No comment.
Schermafbeelding 2015-08-16 om 11.05.13

3. Missing your train isn’t always so bad

Especially when everybody has to take the same train. TIME 4 DRINKZ. IN THE SUN.

Foto 6-07-15 17 58 48

4. Outdoor meetings are the best meetings

This is the first summer job where I ever got a tan. Who would have expected that from an open Summer of code?

Foto 6-07-15 11 39 34

By the way, hallway meetings are common as well. Less sunny, yet equally productive.

Foto 9-07-15 16 45 21

5. #oSoc doesn’t actually stand for open Summer of code

We pretend it does, but let’s be honest. If anything, it stands for open Summer of coffee couques. Or open Summer of cholesterol in general. open Summer of pizza, thanks to SUPERMACHINE‘s super surprise pizza delivery. And oh, open Summer of Cage, because Lara totally had her computer caged. And I’m guessing some other students got caged as well.

6. Coffee couques are life

And yes, I am aware they are actually called Danish pastries. Nomz.

Foto 13-07-15 14 46 13

I had a really great time at #oSoc15. My advice? Apply while you still can!

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