Have no fear, #oSoc16 is here!


Spring is in the air, bees are buzzing and open Summer of code is approaching! In order to make our sixth edition a blast, we need you. Given you’re a student who has some skills in front-end, back-end, UX/graphic design, communication or business modelling. Then yes, it is you we’re looking for, as Lionel Richie would say!

Open Summer of what?

Open Summer of code is a four week summer job you get to do cool stuff. By cool stuff, we mean interesting assignments that earn you real work experience. Looks nice on your resumé! You’ll be guided by some top notch coaches, from who you can learn a thing or two. They’ll help you in every way possible.

Since it’s a summer job, you’ll pick up some money too. Experience, new skills AND cold hard cash?!? Oh boy, your momma is going to be so proud of you! Besides all that, you get to work together with fellow students. After four weeks of striving towards the same goals, be sure some lifelong bonds are formed. If you want to find some new BFF’s, #oSoc16 sure is the place to do so.

open Summer of code 2015

Awesome projects are awesome

During #oSoc16, you’ll be assigned to a project we believe suits you the best. Trust us, we’re true open source matchmakers. Those projects are provided by real clients. Last year, we had projects by the City of Ghent, Leiedal and Bibnet. Challenging to work for, impressive to put on your resumé. Open Summer of code lets you get a taste of innovative projects.

Every week, we start out at a new location somewhere in Belgium. These workplaces are inspiring and encourage you even more to put your heart and soul into your project. Plus, it’s fun to see a bit of Belgium. You travel to these locations by train from your own hometown each day.

How can you apply?

Applying is simple. Fill out our form and follow the instructions. After that, you’re good! The deadline is the 9th of May. All applications received after that won’t be accepted. End of May, we’ll look over all the applications and let you know whether you’re in or not.

Need more information? Mail us at pj@summerofcode.be and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Or take a look at the website.

open Summer of code 2015

Don’t leave us waiting. We want your application NOW! 

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