NMBS Go Unlimited

Most of us students know the NMBS as our daily commute to school or work. And during the summer festivals as our main transportation for an amazing time.

The NMBS was kind enough to sponsor #oSoc15 again this year and we all got our very own Go Unlimited passes. These allow you to travel from every Belgian station to – yes indeed – every station in Belgium for 31 days costing you only 25 euros.

And dare I say they are amazing, not only did I travel to lots of different stations, I also got to visit some beautiful cities. I’ve been to Namur, Ghent, Hasselt, Kiewit, Leuven, Antwerp, Brussels, many more and even our lovely coast. This all in a time span of just 4 weeks.

And never once was I thinking about what this was going to cost me, even when I missed a train I could just get on another one without having to buy a new ticket. I just took my MOBIB-card with me, wherever I went.

I did however notice that a lot of my friends never heard of Go Unlimited during this summer. But I gladly spread the word, I am truly happy with this initiative!

Well done NMBS, more of this please! Thanks!

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