Inspiration – Dedication – Finalization

Three weeks, three locations, three times the fun. I am Simon, part of team DCAT, and I am going to tell you a bit about my experience at open Summer of code 2015 and the distances we go. During #oSoc15 we move to three different cities: Namur, Ghent and Hasselt. We started off in Namur at TRAKKNamur, resided in Ghent at Digipolis during the second week and are spending the final week at Corda INCubator in Hasselt.

1. Inspiration or panic?


The first days were a bit of a panic, no idea what I had to do, I tried to understand everything. We had a lot to learn and most of us had no idea what to do. The first week was mostly listening and learning. TRAKKNamur was perfect for that. Each team could have their own room, making team meetings easy . We could sit outside in the garden the first day for the introduction as well as for lunch. But the best part about it was probably the old school arcade system.


Digipolis Ghent

2. Dedication and transpiration

The second week was mostly coding for all of us. As I mostly live in Ghent and Digipolis was a five minute bike ride away, this was the best place for me. They gave us one big room that gave us the opportunity to easily help each other and look at one another’s projects. There was a sandwich bar right around the corner and a nice lunch place. The best part though was the hot chocolate machine, and the air conditioning of course. I know this is contradictory, but I can drink hot chocolate anytime.

3. Finalization and stress

At the moment we’re working in Hasselt at Corda INCubator. This week is all about finishing the project and prepping for the final release on Friday. Again rather far from home, but a nice place to stay. The building is new and has a lot of facilities including its own sandwich bar to buy lunch. Now the cool thing here are the awesome chairs which you can easily ride around with. And they make up for the lack of Wi-Fi on the toilets.

That’s it for now, I’ll go back to coding and preparing for the release. See you there hopefully! Up, up and away!

Foto 29-07-15 11 54 55

Team DCAT at Corda INCubator

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