Team YungPanda

Team YungPanda

Hello, I’m Alana and I’m a part of team YungPanda. Our team has five team members and one project manager. The project manager is Michael, his company is called YungPanda. The first team member I want to introduce is Michiel. He is the managing student and the back-end developer. Second, Niels is responsible for the UX and design. William is more of an allround designer. He is a front-end developer and knows a lot of design principles. Pieter, he is our back-end developer. And last but not least you have me, I’m a front-end developer.

Our team is diverse because we have three different functions. The back-end developers are responsible for the server-side. The front-end developers develope the responsive website. The UX designer designs the illustrations, mock-ups, wireframes …


Team YungPanda works on the “Energylabel” project, it’s a project from Leiedal. Leiedal is an organization where twelve communities grouped together to work on various projects. For example: simple and advanced search of houses in Leiedal, detailed view of your house, contact et cetera. For the “Energylabel” project, we are working on a responsive website where a map shows how energy friendly your house is. It informs citizens on how to save money on energy or it can be used to explain why their houses got a certain score and what they can do about it.

First days of #oSoc15

The first day of #oSoc15, we already met with our partners Wouter Degadt and Steven Debaveye from Leiedal. The next day, we decided to do a brainstorm about which features we needed. The brainstorm was a good idea because everybody got their own vision about certain things.

Wireframes - Leiedal

After the brainstorm, Pieter started to learn to work with the Laravel framework. William and Niels were busy with wireframing and they had a lot of pretty nice discussions. Wireframing allows the team to have a draft about how the website might look like. Michiel and I where doing the research about Esri Leaflet.js and ArcGIS Javascript. Esri Leaflet.js and ArcGis Javascript library are necessary to show a world map or a part of the map.

Map ArcGIS

On Wednesday William and I worked on the maps and we could always show the basemap layer. It’s the layer where the whole world map will show. But on a certain point we got stuck. We weren’t able to put the feature layer (just a fancy name for another layer) on the basemap layer. We also sent a mail to the Open Street Map (OSM) community, asking them how to do this. I was very amazed about how many┬ápeople quickly responded, they are really helpfull and it’s very nice to have another perspective how to solve the problem. Also Niels made some very nice designs and mock-ups and the two back-end developers were busy with discussing the questionnaire about houses.

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