Will you participate in Open Summer of code 2015?



At last, open Summer of code 2015 can finally start. Start searching for participants, that is. Open Summer of code is a three week programme, in which students get the opportunity to turn an idea into a real-life product or service, for a real client. Last year, we had some inspiring employers, such as Mobile Vikings and Westtoer. This year will be no different.

Looking for a summer job?

The ingredients of oSoc? You’ll need twenty something students, great coaches to guide them, some interesting clients to hire them, a handful of exciting and inspiring workplaces, and voila, you have an incredible summer job. Goodbye dull work, hello hands-on job. Also, you’re not left hanging on your own. You’ll be accompanied by a few coaches, who’ll give you useful tips and tricks.

The coaches, clients and workplaces are nicely falling into place, which means we can start to look out for some participants too! Do you want to become part of oSoc15?

Allow us to list up all the advantages of oSoc15:

  • Great learning experience
  • Looks good on your resume
  • Cash in some money
  • Make new friends
  • Have a lot of fun


Sounds great, doesn’t it? And great news, sending in your application form is a piece of cake. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out the form you can find here
  2. Put your resume in a mail
  3. Put the following as the subject of your mail: oSoc15 resume Firstname Lastname (with your own first and last name, of course)
  4. Mail that to pj@summerofcode.be
  5. You’re done. Now go tell your friends all about oSoc15!

Deadline to apply for oSoc15 is the 31st of May. Early June, we’ll pick out the candidates and you’ll hear from us.

Not convinced yet? You can take a look at the website, which will be updated regularly and contain more information in the course of the following weeks.  Or you could just ask us, really. Mail your questions to pj@summerofcode.be.


About open Summer of code

What can you expect from open Summer of code? Every week, we start out at a new location somewhere in Belgium. These workplaces are top-notch and encourage you even more to put your heart and soul into your project. Plus, it’s fun to see a bit of Belgium. You travel to these locations by train from your own hometown each day.

Interesting clients lead to interesting projects. We could tell you more about that, but even better is to just show you. Here’s where you can find our projects of oSoc14.


Open Summer of code is an unique experience. At oSoc, there’s an awesome vibe hanging around. You get to meet a whole lot of new people, including fellow students. We can assure you that oSoc isn’t only about work, but also about play. And now you’re wondering how a day at oSoc looks like? We thought you’d be, so last year we documented a day of oSoc14.

Work hard, play hard, and also, learn hard. For example, sometimes we’ll have an uplifting seminar waiting for you. Last year, we had one about the future of Open Data on the web. Sounds interesting, no? Well, why don’t you just check that out  for yourself? We’ve recorded the whole thing. Just take a look here.

And don’t forget our wonderful coaches, professionals from who you could learn a thing or two. They’ll help you along the road, and make sure you get the best out of open Summer of code.

Don’t leave us waiting. We want your application NOW! 



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