A day at open Summer of code 2014

A lot of students asked me before open Summer of code started: What do we have to do at #oSoc14 or what’s it like? This inspired me to make a photoblog of day 3 during #oSoc14. This photoblog is part of the first week, which means it was all about building a framework, designing UX/UI and determining the schedule. If you want to know how the whole first week or any other week at open Summer of code 2014 looked like, do watch the storify of week 1, week 2 and week 3.


07:00 Getting up, having breakfast and getting ready for #oSoc14, day 3


07:25 Taking the bus to the station and think about my to do’s for today.


08:00 Waiting for the train, have some time left to read about the World Cup in Rio


08:20 Taking the train to Kortrijk, horrible mobile data connection so time to review my code from yesterday.


08:45 Arrive at Kortrijk station, found my fellow students and grabbed a bike to head to Leiedal.


08:46 Hook up my phone to the bike with a Finn and use OpenStreetMap to get to the location.


09:00, Arriving at Leiedal, park the bike between all the other Mobielbikes and Bluebikes we all have for the week.


09:04 Seeing a lot of students who already arrived, better find a spot to start working.


09:20 Get some water after that bike ride and a coffee to wake up.


10:00 Having an internal meeting with my team about the approach and UX of our application.


10:40 Asking the design team for some input about our UX approach. Getting awesome feedback.


12:00 Had lunch and still enjoying the sun while we discuss if we’re still on schedule for this week.


13:00 Having a codesprint with my team, we’re all working of different features.


14:13 Left my computer unlocked and my team filled my shoppingcart with beamers worth 7.000 euros. I think this is their hint that i’ll have to buy breakfast tomorrow for disobeying the #oSoc14 Code of Conduct. Next time I’ll lock my computer when i’m afk.


14:50 The design team apparently left us with a motivational smiley.


15:00 Considering the UX design and features, we wrote down a user flow for our application. Now we all have a clear view on our idea and tasks.


15:45 It’s getting hot so Leiedal treated us with some ice cream to cool us down.


17:30 Had a great day but now it’s time to head back to the station.


17:45 Found a new bikeroute that takes my to the station, so let’s try it out.


18:10 Back on the train, we did a lot of great work today so I’m pleased. Looking forward to the next day.

Want to read more on #oSoc14? Head over to the ‘This was open Summer of code’ blogpost for the finished projects, an overview of all the student blogpost, online impressions and pictures.

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