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It’s time! Tomorrow I’m pitching KUPON, a game for distributing coupons. And you are welcome!

Located in a cosy apartment in the center of Ghent and surrounded by the positive vibes of “De Gentse feesten” (Probably the biggest city festival in the world).
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Remember my first blog?

“It’s time for us, The mobile Vikings Team, to reinvent the coupons by the means of modern technology.”

Well we did it! and it’s more then geomarketing


It’s geomarketing at it’s best. Let me walk you through the app. So imagine… You’re on the hunt for a new T-shirt. You open the app and a map appears with all the coupons in the area. Next filter the coupons by selecting a category. Then you’ll see that for example H&M offers an awesome discount on their summer collection. You just walk into the store and use the coupon to get the discount.

Preview of the iOS design on POP, Prototype on paper
How it al started on POP, Prototype on paper
Yes i know @FaustineMaus and @nielsdewelde are the designing dream team!

Keeping the user interested!

KUPON is not the first geomarketing project. We have Qustomer, Groupon, Foursquare,… The big problem is that users lose their motivations to use it. And that’s exactly the point where KUPON differentiates itself from his competitors. It is not a administration app for coupons, it’s a game and it’s social.

The level system provides competition between friends and gives you extra rewarding in the stores.
How can users increase their level and become a master in this game?
Using coupons will not only give the user a discount at the store but also a number of points. These points are needed to raise your level. Another important factor is Sharing the coupon. Request your friends to join you to use a coupon. This sharing will also give the user extra points.

Push the coupon!

Because all coupons in the area are shown, the user can discover new stores. In this way stores can improve their awareness and reach more potential customers. But KUPON wants to do more. Everyone has their favorite stores. Think about your local butcher, supermarket or favorite clothing shop. KUPON tries to improve the relationship between the customer and these shops. The user has the ability to favorite a store. In this way he implicitly allows this store to push coupons (in the form of notifications) to him when he is in the area of the store. Giving the retailers the ability of narrow marketing and rewarding loyal clients. A customer will be rewarded when he used a coupon received by a notification. He will increase faster in level while doing this.

A possible extension is the introduction of sponsored notifications. In this case a store pays more to push notifications to all users in the neighbourhood. This might seem very appealing for marketing purposes but it has an important drawback; the user may be overwhelmed with irrelevant notifications.

Startup challenges

There are two main challenges in the startup-phase. First we need to get the retailers excited! A lot of stores have to invest time in KUPON. And this for as many locations as possible. Only then the user can start levelling-up by using the coupons.

“We need the retailers first, only then the game can start”

At Ghent

Don’t hesitate to join us and sign up @

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