Last week of #oSoc14

I woke up this morning realising that the final week of #oSoc14 was almost over. This means that we have to finish up on the coding and start working on presenting and promoting the final product. It also means that two weeks of #oSoc14 have passed and that the great experience has almost come to an end.


Starting from Tuesday all the teams, including the Mobile Vikings team, were ready to start on the final presentation and the pitching of the products. First of all we need a good design for the presentation, we have to pick the right colors, the right font and some images.

Image made by Joydeep

cc by Joydeep

But a presentation wouldn’t be complete without the text to go with it and an Erlich Bachman to present it all. Since we don’t know this Erlich, we will all have to bring our presentation skills to the next level. But first i’ll have to come up with an awesome design for our presentation.

Promoting the product

Another assignment during the final week of #oSoc14 is letting people know what we have been doing the past couple of weeks. To tell them what we have been working on. A channel on which we can reach people is social media. We could send tweets into the world and just hope that they reach the right Twitter profiles.
KUPON logo
But a better way to reach interested people is to look for communities that might be interested in our final product. So we will first have to find the right communities and then contact them, this way we can trigger them in following our product. We’ll contact Dorien from Mobile Vikings to ask for communities that follow Mobile Vikings, we’ll also contact some of the people from the Datanews list of 50 most important tech-people on Twitter. My contribution for this will be to send a mail to the newspapers in the province of Limburg, because Mobile Vikings has its buildings there. The press in Limburg consists of “Het Belang van Limburg”, “TV Limburg”, …
So there might be a chance that you will see us on tv!

Wrapping things up

Since this will probably be the last blogpost that I will write during #oSoc14, I would like to thank everybody that made this a great experience. First of all the Mobile Vikings team, which exists of Thomas, Michiel, Samuel and Peter. It was also thanks to the project managers that #oSoc14 was a good working experience. It was also a pleasant experience because the other teams existed of well experienced guys, so I’m excited to see how they will do on the final presentation and how their final product looks like.

Want to read more on #oSoc14? Head over to the ‘This was open Summer of code’ blogpost for the finished projects, an overview of all the student blogpost, online impressions and pictures.

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