Westtoer: My first #oSoc14 experience

Hello there, meet the smallest team at oSoc14 this year, me!

My job is to give the current website of iTrip a complete make-over and make the site responsive.

So what is iTrip?

iTrip is a web application where a user can plan his/her trip to the Belgian coast. The vacationers staying at the Belgian coast get series of tourist tips adapted to the seaside resort and the travel period of the place where they’re staying. So it’s a digital travel guide. The company who gave life to iTrip is Westtoer. It’s an autonomous provincial company (APB) for tourism and recreation in West Flanders. The site hasn’t got an efficient look-&-feel, nor does it inform the user enough of its purpose and how he/she can use it.

What does iTrip look like now?

This is how the current website looks like.

current website iTrip

Not the best design, right? But no problemo! With the help of these awesome designers Faustine Maus and Niels Dewelde, I get to give this web application a whole new look. But still keeping in mind the basic primary style (colors and fonts).

What we did first.

So first we started with a complete review of the site and search for things that needed to be adjusted. That’s where Niels and Faustine came in. They did a wonderful job creating wireframes and mock-ups that I have to implement in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

iTrip homepage design

Our new homepage of iTrip.be where users can search for a specific place at the Belgian coast or they can share their current location.

iTrip result page design

When a user searches for a certain place, he/she gets a list of tourist tips adapted to the seaside resort and the travel period of the place they searched for.

iTrip my trips page design

They can then save those events and their trip into their account and add pictures.

The what’s and where’s

After the Hackathon on Tuesday (1st of July, which was won by the Mobile Vikings team) and a workstation at Leiedal (Kortrijk) for the first week, we are now moving on to the second week of our oSoc14 experience at KBC Start.It (Antwerp) and Digipolis (Ghent). I have just finished the implementation of the homepage last week and I started on the next page on my list.

our iTrip homepage

So this is our new (development) version of the homepage for iTrip.be

During the implementation in HTML and CSS I am accustom to code the responsive aspects, but I got a tip from one of the project managers to user Twitter Bootstrap Grid. I did know about this framework but never used it. But what a tip that was! Now all the things I wanted to align come about nicely and are to a certain degree already responsive (but not completely), which makes my job a little bit easier.

Next up on my to-do list…

So this week I will convert the remaining mockups into HTML. It will be hard work to finish it all in time, but what can I say: Challenge accepted! I even have another oSoc14 colleague helping me out this week; Jasper. So, dear reader, if you’ve got some feedback or tips for me, just shoot! Every feedback is appreciated. You can also check out the Westtoer project on Github.

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