KUPONs of the future

We have finished our first week of #oSoc14, which means that we only have one week left to wrap up the coding of our application. Since we are halfway through our coding period we thought it was time to give an update on the situation of the Mobile Vikings Team. You already got a first impression of the geomarketing app we created during the hackathon through this blogpost written by Samuel Vandecasteele, but how much has changed during the previous week? Find out here!

Design update

I don’t know what you think of the design you saw in the blogpost of Samuel Vandecasteele, but we as the Mobile Vikings Team felt like we really had to improve the design. So the day after the hackathon we started working on that. During that period I was named the designer of the team, not that I had any real experience with designing stuff, but I enjoyed it and it seemed that I wasn’t all that bad at designing. Nevertheless we still made an appointment with the designers from which pretty fruitful results sprouted, of which color was one. The designers, Faustine Maus and Niels Dewelde, decided to use a darker kind of purple and a yellowy orange color which would result in the following header for the application.

header KUPON

During our meeting with the designers we found out that they also have good ideas from a user point of view, which came in handy since we got the tip at the hackathon to also look at that perspective. Instead of letting the shop owner choose the radius of people receiving a coupon, we decided to let the user pick the radius of shops to receive coupons from. The user will also be able to choose shops per category. So if you’re hungry you can choose the category “food” and if you want to go shopping afterwards you just choose “shopping”. It’s as simple as that.




An Android application

KUPON is the name of the application of which we’re creating a prototype. It is an Android application being created by Samuel Vandecasteele because he is the one with the right knowledge for it. And after two days he created the app as you saw in the images above this paragraph. You can see in those images that the application is quite easy to use, but it misses a gamification part to keep the users interested in the app. If there is time to implement it, we will certainly do that. We’ll keep you updated on this.

Our working spot in Antwerp

Greetings from our working place in Antwerp, for which we like to thank Mobile Vikings and Start It KBC. That’s it for now, let us know what you think about KUPON! It’s pretty easy, just use the comment box underneath this blog and then maybe your suggestion for our project will be seen on the next post.

KUPONs of the future

kupon_icongr copy

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