Day 5: #oSoc13 launches “Open Lunchtime with General Assembly”

by @katborlongan, Co-founder of Five by Five and #oSoc13 Program Director


#oSoc13 is thrilled to announce it’s new partnership with the NY-based educational company, General Assembly (GA)! GA provides entrepreneurs a pragmatic and multi-disciplinary education at the intersection of technology, design, and business. It offers a new model for learning these skills, one that features emerging content taught by top practitioners with real-world experience.

Capture d’écran 2013-07-05 à 12.56.05In support of open innovation, General Assembly is curating an online curriculum specific to the needs of the #oSoc13 fellows. This Monday at noon, we will be co-launching the Open Lunchtime with GA series in collaboration with General Assembly and the City of Ghent. We will be screening online courses produced by GA at first floor of AC Portus. #oSoc13 fellows are invited to come level up alongside team members and like-minded individuals from all over Gent. Everyone’s invited: Open Summer of Code, Open House.

Here is the schedule:


Introduction to Agile Development Using the Scrum Framework
by Rob Purdie, Agile Practice Lead, IBM and Andrew Burrows, Scrum Master, IBM

Scrum has exploded over the past decade. Hyper-productive teams have been known to produce 400% ROI compared to non-Scrum teams yet most teams continue to struggle with Scrum implementation. This class will outline the basic tenets of Scrum and strategies on how to introduce Scrum to your team.

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Six UX strategies to make your site more user-friendly
by Julie Blitzer, UX Consultant

The design of your website has implications for what your users can do. In the end, it can influence whether a user buys your product. Learn six basic UX design strategies that can help amplify your website’s message. After this class, you’ll be able to think about a range of design issues – from readability and contrast to the layout of your forms

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Managing Software Development
by Peter Bell Evangelist / Hacker,

You’ve got developers (contract or in-house) and you know what you want to build. How do you keep track of the process and make sure that you’re getting the right software built and are getting a great ROI on the investment you’re making in the code? In this practical session we’ll look at a range of techniques to manage your development team to make sure you get the best possible software as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

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Web Design for Non-Designers
by Larry Buchanan, Journalist, Designer & Coder, The New Yorker

Today, getting a website up and running quickly is easier than ever before. But how do you make sure it’s not an eyesore? For those without prior design experience, a brief primer on the basic principles and tools of web design can go a long way, whether you want to build your own sites or simply better communicate with more design-minded colleagues.

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